Discover what’s possible when you partner with The Australian Business Growth Fund™.

A partnership with ABGF is built on positive relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes.

We’ve designed our investment model to respond to the needs of SME businesses like yours, delivering the capital and support you need to thrive.

Our investment process begins with an exploration into your business, where it’s headed, and how our capital and expertise can accelerate growth. From there, we carefully develop a roadmap for the future that prioritises getting your business the maximum benefit from ABGF backing.

The investment process


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Exploratory discussions

(3-4 weeks)
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Term sheet

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Due diligence

(4 weeks)
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Transaction documentation

(2-3 weeks)
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Growth partnership

(3-10 years)


Before we partner

Once you submit your application, we’ll carefully assess whether we’re an appropriate investment partner for where you’re headed. We’ll agree on investment terms and discuss initial exit options, and then disperse your funds. The full investment process takes 8-10 weeks.

If it’s not a good fit, we will support you to explore more suitable investment options.

During the partnership

Once we partner, we’ll work with you to assemble a Board (if necessary), and appoint a Chairperson to deliver on the growth plan. The Fund will also take a seat on the board to allow us full visibility of the business.

During the partnership, further investments can be proposed and assessed on individual merit.

Concluding the

ABGF offers patient, not permanent capital. We ensure complete alignment on exit expectations from day one, and remain open and honest from beginning to end.

Learn about our success stories.

ABGF respects our wish to maintain control, honouring the values my father instilled in our family business.  As an experienced and active investor, ABGF also offered us more than just funding - they bring expertise, resources, and connections that are invaluable as we continue to innovate and break new ground in the industry.

Adam Roberts
Managing Director - Consolidated Linen Service (CLS)


ABGF’s expertise will ensure our journey as a global leader in sun protection continues. Their strategic insights and networks, coupled with a deep understanding of our industry, will be instrumental in our next phase of growth.

Johanna Young
Founder and CEO - Solbari


From our very first meeting, ABGF felt different. They took the time to understand our story, our point of difference and our vision. I instantly felt a connection.

Maria Enna-Cocciolone


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