ABGF and BGF UK: Supporting SMEs across hemispheres with patient capital

In 2011, the UK Business Growth Fund (BGF) was set up to address the chronic and longstanding shortage of funding available to Britain’s and Ireland’s small and medium sized businesses. The aim was to support these businesses as a minority and long-term partner, helping to drive growth and returns, sustainably.

Fast forward to today, and BGF has invested over £3.5 billion, backing over 500 businesses and exiting over 150 businesses. This is the model the Australian Business Growth Fund is established on.

Last year, ABGF’s CEO, Anthony Healy, travelled to the UK to spend time with BGF and their portfolio companies. While he was there, we were able to capture his conversation with BGF Head of Portfolio, Jane Vinson and BGF COO, Matt Reed, where they discussed how the two funds are working together to back businesses to grow and scale abroad.

ABGF has now invested over $150 million into companies that are shaking up Australian industries to solve some of the country’s biggest challenges – and we’re looking for more entrepreneurs who are bringing diverse approaches to business and innovation.

Can ABGF assist your business?

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